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Sustainability of the Project will be the primary responsibility of Orpe Human Rights Advocates, the management and the entire beneficiaries. Since most of the concerns the project addresses them within the community, schools and institutions, it is expected also that active involvement of the youth themselves and women will sustain the project. The community unit will play a vital role and religious authorities will have a substantial impact and their success will determine the future direction of the project. It is important to emphasize the bigger role of community health workers and peer counselors can play in promoting its goals after its completion.

The project in the community is centered. The peer counselors and community health workers, nurses and midwives and trained First Aiders will be got from the project area, to a large extent, it’s anticipated that they will remain in their respective communities. They will still be in position to carry on the project viably.

The local authority and districts will be involved at each stage of project leadership of the various activities serviced to local communities. This involvement is expected to autonomous at the end of the project.

The beneficiaries would have acquired capacity to design and manage HIV/AIDS activities. STDs, family health, education, country life skills, condom contraceptives, distribution, community mobilization and sensitization and income generating activities in their respective places, involving a broad base of different groups, youth leaders and women/beneficiaries.

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