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Project Beneficiaries

The project will benefit young people, orphans between the age of 10-24 who are under served in schools and colleges and those of 15-35 years out of school youth in the rural areas also targeting their families, guardians, relatives and care givers to enable them qualify reproductive health care based on knowledge and awareness of adequate and accurate information, in order for better Home based Care.

Nearly half of the new infections every day occur in adolescents. Every year at least one adolescent out of every twenty catches an STD, some because of rape, defilement, forced marriages, prostitution and generally lack of adequate knowledge of the risks involved in irresponsible sexual behavior. Most of the infected youth especially in the rural area are victims of lack of information, education and appropriate health services.

The consequences of HIV infection in families have affected more the women and girl child who mostly loose future opportunities as a result of discrimination. As such involvement of caregivers, guardians and most especially women in implementing this project is very crucial.

They will be involved at all levels of project management and will be given responsibilities especially in seeing it that the project meets their deemed health needs. They will be trained by the project staff as community health workers, peer educators and counselors, and field works involved in condom promotion and distribution, family life and family health education, community mobilization and sensitization activities. First Aid to handle emergencies as a result of accidents due to various customers.

The local authorities with members of the local communities will be vital in identifying and recommending those to be trained exceptionally, youth and women councils will be addressed.

Already, Christ the King Health Support Care Centre for the Needy has trained volunteers who currently work as community health workers, these quite often work hand in hand with us they have expressed continued in working with young people, orphans, women and the general community. First Aiders helping Emergencies/causalities and Home Base

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