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Partnerships Model


Orpe Human Rights Advocates will be signing Memorandums Of Understanding (MOU) designed to create a framework of partnerships between different healthcare organizations. Partnerships will be play an important role in the scope of effective performance and improve care coordination, care transitions, and patient outcomes. Programs can arrange partnerships to achieve care coordination goals by sharing resources and data, making referrals for their patients, enhancing communication, and exchanging best practices. Using a systems approach for these activities will increase quality of care delivered to patients. This model has shown effectiveness with institutions like Consortia. 

Resources to Learn More

Forging Community Partnerships to Improve Health Care
This issue brief examines strategies that are being used by four managed care organizations (MCOs) to invest in community partnerships to change the way care is provided to vulnerable populations.
Organization(s): Health Management Associates, The Commonwealth Fund
Date: 4/2013

Partnerships to Improve Care Coordination
This websites describes how partnerships can be used as a tool to improve care coordination and includes examples of innovative partnerships that have improved care coordination.
Organization(s): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Strategies for Building Community-Public Health Partnerships

This publication summarizes findings and lessons learned for successful partnerships, as identified from an evaluation of the Partnership for the Public’s Health (PPH) initiative to build partnerships between communities and public health agencies in California.
Organization(s): Partnership for the Public’s Health
Date: 12/2007

Building Community Partnerships to Improve Health Care

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