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OHRA collaborates with governments, intergovernmental, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, universities, the judiciary and the private sector to assist underprivileged, and distressed people pursue durable solutions.

Our partnership actions is designed on framing cooperation between the organization and its partners and to improve the working relationship at regional and national levels. Within the scope of assessing effectiveness of cooperation with our partners, the Board of OHRA made recommendations to adopt specific principles in practice within the purpose of strengthening partnership.

Drawing on the complex challenges the world has faced in recent years, OHRA has resolved to strengthen its partnerships relationships with international organizations and NGOs, both international and national, seeking to maximize complementarity and sustainability in its work in regard of empowering people living in poverty, distressed people, refugees and others related concern such us defending the cause of those who cannot assert their own fundamental rights.

We work with with operational and advocacy partners to ensure that the rights and needs of populations of concern are met. OHRA continues to give high priority to its relations with partners, and strives to strengthen strategic and operational collaboration at local, regional, national, and global levels.

The main goal of the organization’s vast network of partnerships is to ensure better outcomes for persons of concern by combining and leveraging complementary resources and working together in a transparent, respectful and mutually beneficial way. These partnerships also underpin OHRA’s engagement in inter-agency fora and processes, where mutual understanding and strong alliances help ensure that the interests of people of concern are adequately defended.

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