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Organization Design

The Art and the Science of Aligning Your People to Achieve the Desired Business (organization) Goals

Your current organization structure probably didn’t result from systematic, methodical planning. Most likely it evolved over time, shaped as much by policies as by politics.  It’s fairly obvious when an organization structure isn’t working well: decision-making slows, fewer ideas get executed, employees are less engaged, and revenue growth stagnates.  Yet, comprehensive redesigns can be intimidating, complicated, and emotionally charged.   Tweaking and layering new over old is never the way to go and causes a whole new set of problems.  The answer lies somewhere in between.

At OHRA, we see Organization Design as both an art and a science.

We help take the emotion out of the decisions by establishing clear design objectives that are driven by the business strategy and by economic realities. That’s science.  We also work with you to identify what will succeed in your unique environment. That’s the art.

OHRA's framework guides executives through the complexities of Organization Design.

To get the best result, you need to take the broad view, working step-by-step through the myriad tradeoffs.  It is not an easy process but it is a manageable one. Whether you want to modify or change the structure of your organization, OHRA can help your nonprofit organization make change stand.

Fact-based decisions will ensure that you implement the design that best matches your organization's needs.

OHRA can help your organization to:

  • Allocation of responsibilities and authority

  • Reporting relationships and processes

  • Lateral relationships and processes

  • Accountabilities and performance measures

  • Skill requirements and incentives

  • Criteria for selecting people

  •  High-level  incentives

  • Substantive changes in business units

  • Adjustments to unit boundaries

  • Unit roles; changing functional units into shared services

  • New units or merge units

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