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The Job-readiness project is designed to  help veterans find and maintain stable employment. Experience shows that in many cases,  homelessness can be traced back to unemployment due to a lack of necessary job-readiness and not understanding the in which he may have natural strong skills. In order to break the cycle of homelessness, we provide job-readiness and self-efficacy training services to help veterans reach self-sufficiency through stable and long-term employment.

It is one of the goal of Orpe Human Rights Advocates to design programs dedicated to effect change in the lives of of Americans and getting them back to work, especially the brave men and women who fought to protect our freedoms. Our employment services are designed to help veterans find work that meets their needs and gives them purpose. That is where we come in to help. Jobs in both the public and private sectors are available at local, state, national and international levels. We work with employers looking for hard workers from any community. Through these growth opportunities, veterans can make meaningful contributions to their communities and combat homelessness.

Services Available

Orpe Human Rights Advocates offers several different programs to fulfill our mission statement. We have put in place a Veterans centered program centers, and seek the accreditation of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Veterans can gain skills in job searching, resume writing and job-readiness skill development to achieve long-term success in their careers. This service is available to veterans in Maryland. These programs are complemented by a program that uniquely emphasis in assisting veterans with families and female veterans regain independence through fulfilling work. Whether they have been out of the service for over 20 years or are looking to transition into civilian life while still serving.


The goal for each veteran is self-sufficiency through long-term employment. Services offered during the year-long program include job-readiness skill development;

  • resume writing;

  • job searching, 

  • placement,

  • coaching;

  • career clothing; 

  • transportation;

  • referrals to community resources. 

We work hard to get back to those who fought for our country.


Case managers work with participants on overcoming employment barriers, interviewing skills and provide job search and retention support to female veterans and veterans with families as they work to secure stable employment and regain independence. 

Anyone Can Donate or Volunteer

There are numerous volunteer opportunities throughout Indiana and Ohio for anyone who wants to help those who risked everything for their country. Whether you donate time, items, or money; every little bit helps someone find work and avoid homelessness. The community's donations and volunteer efforts through these programs have helped numerous veterans.

You can get ideas on how to help by checking out our wish list here. 


Get in Touch Today

Numerous employers would love to give work to hard-working veterans. They already have various skills that would be incredibly advantageous in any sector. Our programs aim to help these industrious men and women gain the final push they need to find a job that works for them. You can look over our website in-depth to find other ways you can get involved with your community. We cannot wait to hear from you.

Services for Unemployed

Service for Unemployed

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