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Legal Assistance for Crime Victim Services

Free Legal Help for Victims of Domestic Violence/ Victims of Sexual Assault/Dating/Stalking

The Orpe' Division of Legal Services (DLS)  has developed a cutting-edged collaborative approach that provides free quality representation to victims of crimes including victims of domestic/sexual violence who are seeking relief in legal matters arising from their abuses. DLS provides assistance in family matters. Family matters is especially crucial for victims of domestic violence, because offenders may continue to exert control over victims by using the legal system to force contact, restrict victims’ access to protection, make implicit threats, and create ongoing challenges through litigation. Through these forms of “paper abuse,” offenders can exert coercive control long after victims end the abusive relationship. DLS also helps foreign born facing challenges in immigration matters.

Whether you need help getting a protective order, getting divorced, staying safe, temporary shelter, or another issue, there are programs ready to help you.

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