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Housing Counseling Services

ORPE Charity Housing Counseling service is a Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations (CBO) that provide housing counseling services and training to potential homeowners, current homeowners, and tenants, focusing on low-to-moderate income residents and neighborhoods. The ORPE Charity provides outreach, application intake, counseling and training to support a variety of DHCD programs for homeowners, potential homeowners, and renters.

Homeowner counseling services include foreclosure prevention, credit counseling, home/budget management, homebuyers clubs, and relocation counseling.  Services are provided to assist tenants in understanding their rights and responsibilities, including issues such as potential displacement, rental/eviction counseling, apartment locating, and ongoing apartment locating.


Housing Counselors help people secure the American dream of homeownership. First-time homebuyers, renters and struggling homeowners need the support of certified, bilingual housing counselors invested in the best long-term housing solution for their families.

If you are seeking to purchase a home, improve your credit, avoid mortgage default and foreclosure, need home rehabilitation, home/budget management, rental or eviction counseling, assistance with locating affordable and accessible housing, contact us.

ORPE Charity Counseling service program is supported by funding from the MD Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD),  HUD, Capital One Bank, Wells Fargo, and other organization parterners.

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