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Community Development Division

Committed to Implementing and  Promoting Programs that Empower Homeless, Low-Income, Rural and Underserved Communities in Becoming More Productive and  Prosperous in a Community

The Orpe Human Rights Advocates Program on Community Economic and Employment Development (CEED) has been advising local governments and communities on how to respond to economic change and tackle complex problems in a fast-changing world. Its mission is to contribute to the creation of more and better quality jobs through more effective policy implementation, innovative practices, stronger capacities, and integrated strategies at the community and local level. CEED draws on a comparative analysis of experiences from the different communities in fostering economic growth, employment, and inclusion.

Our mission focuses on lifting communities from where they are today and lift them to the next level of development. We have been doing this through the creation of social enterprise businesses that permit us to invest in human capital composed of homeless, low-income, and people from underserved communities. We also encourage and promote projects deemed to rehabilitate human dignity, especially those that strive to lift the socio-economic status of the homeless, and low-income people. We offer second-chance education and training programs that focus on skills building, personal development, professional skills development, executive and leadership skills development. We promote, coordinate supportive social services, and sustain the entrepreneurship initiatives.

We are committed to serving people who need our help the most. We strengthen and enhance communities through a variety of community programs, including income security programs, and collaborations with faith-based communities, and building collaborative partnerships with governments and private partners.

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